Workshop Touch Dance


February 19-23rd, 2018 in CDCN La Briqueterie
with Jens Johannsen, director of Moveus, BMC school in Germany
Lulla Chourlin, co-director of Soma France.

This training course is opened to every person having a practice or an interest for the BMC and the movement. The session completes the somatic educational training and of practitioner. Most of the BMC students are dancers. In our training, we dedicate the time to the discovery of the material BMC and its integration in the body consequently fewer tim  to the application in the dance.

That is why we program this module of application waited by the dancers.
Touch, to incorporate, to dance

From the tools of the BMC, we explore how touch leads qualities of body and qualities of dance. These practices are made in a static way : a partner who has a practice on a person. This person takes a time of incorporation and a  dance. We also have a practice in a dynamic way as touch in movement, in this case the partner works directly on the person who moves and we see the processing and the quality of dance appearing gradually.

We travel with the deep reflex and exteroceptive principles by speaking and by moving. Name what we feel of our internal landscape in the movement, what we see, what we understand) and what we touch.

How it influences the dance?

Open class at 6pm on the 02/22.