DANCE OTHER, sensitive conference

Dance conference, Dance and BMC

Friday 16th of February at 5pm in the CDCN La Briqueterie
With Lulla Chourlin, choreographer and guiding co-director of Soma and Sarath Amarasingam, dancer

" This dance conference is a sharing, an exchange. We question the verbal and not verbal communication, the circulation of information: what affects us in our body, our heart when we look at the dance? Can we feel it physically when we are a spectator? " Lulla Chourlin

Landscape of the sensitive body / A danced conference / Sarath’s body

© Yves Petit

It is a performance on the transmission, the reception, the interpretation, under the look of the spectator as a witness.
To question and to share with a public a real-life sensitive experience and interpreted by the dancer are the goals of this performance.
The objective of this dance performance is educational and artistic. It deals with the circulation of information enter a tactile information coming from the outside, from its reception at the level of the body, at the level of its interpretation and at the level of its return in the form of a dance.

The subject is how the experience of the body touched by the somatic practices in particular that of Body-Mind Centering ® (through the touch of bones, organs, liquids ...) feeds, transforms the body of the dancer, how it interprets them and how the public receives them.

The touch is revealing of the relation between the internal space and the external space of the body. The performance comes in several phases:
In a 1st time, mapping of the state of body, duet to speak / dance.
In a 2nd time, the dancer creates directly a short score.
A 3rd time, in the form of exchange with the public is proposed.

Free admission / without reservation